David was referred to MPT by his housing officer as it was identified that he needed some support with finding employment, gaining new skills and to broaden his social network. The lack of routine in David’s life was starting to affect his self–esteem, confidence and motivation and he was feeling frustrated that despite his efforts applying for work he wasn’t successful. David wasn’t feeling very optimistic about his future and this had started to show with his constant low mood.

We devised an achievable action plan which prioritised David’s main barriers to employment and enhanced his skills by enrolling him onto a training course to broaden his job prospects.
Upon leaving the project David secured a job at a local company as a Warehouse Operative.

Upon exiting he reports the following:

• Made new friends by being in work and social connections
• Feeling useful and appreciated
• More relaxed
• Thinking extremely clearly
• Feeling comfortable with work/home life balance
• Feeling more confident and motivated

David said:

I am in a much better place now and have gained more confidence and motivation since being employed. I have more of a social network now by making new friends and I am feeling much more positive about my future. If it wasn’t for the help of MPT I believe I wouldn’t have got this far and I feel very grateful for their persistent approach at times’